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Welcome to Ped Mind Institute,

Ped Mind Institute is an independent brain storming group of researchers concentrating on innovative pediatric medicine, innovative ideas in the clinical field of pediatrics and pediatric surgery for helping children in their daily life and treatment in pediatric departments and ambulatory settings.

Ped Mind Institute was founded in 2010 to combine daily pediatric work with innovative research projects. In the last 10 years, scientific cooperations with international researchers and hospitals from all over the world were realized.

We are very happy about the great interest in our work. All members of Ped Mind Institute are innovative thinking personalities, working idealistic in a non-profit manner.

Research interests are based on clinical studies of diseases like the origin and pathogenesis of COVID-19, the origin of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome and other rare diseases in childhood. All manuscripts and works done by Ped Mind Institute are non-profitial and not supported by any grants.

Look around and go in touch with us, if you want to cooperate with us.

The best for our children.

Best wishes,

Visit. Prof. Stefan Bittmann MD, MA, PhD
Ped Mind Institute
Visiting Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Shangluo Vocational and Technical College (SVTC), Shangluo, China

Last publications

    • Stefan Bittmann, Gloria Villalon, Elena Moschüring-Alieva, Lara Bittmann and Elisabeth Luchter:
    • Liver Organoid Research: Present Situation, limiting Factors and Future Therapeutical Potential in Pediatric Diseases
    • Asian Journal of Pediatric Research, Volume 13, Issue 3, Page 34-40, 2023; Article no.AJPR.105410
    • Stefan Bittmann:
    • Pediatric Premature Aging Diseases
    • Journal of Clinical Pediatrics Research, J Clin Ped Res. 2023;2(1): 18-21
    • Stefan Bittmann, Elisabeth Luchter, Elena Moschüring-Alieva, Lara Bittmann and Aysel Shirinova:
    • EFMR Syndrome: Epilepsy and Mental Retardation Restricted to Females in Childhood
    • Asian Journal of Pediatric Research, Volume 13, Issue 3, Page 29-33, 2023; Article no.AJPR.105459

Editorial engagement (last)

    • Editorial Board Membership
    • International Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health
    • since 08/2023
    • Invitation for Review for
    • Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, IF 4.2,
    • 06/2023
    • Editorial Board Member
    • International Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health
    • since 06/2023
    • Associate Editor
    • Frontiers in Pain Research, Lausanne
    • since 03/2023

Advances in Pediatric Research

    • Bittmann S, Liuchter E:
    • An innovative new technique of pediatric vaccination: Take both hands and hold the needle to avoid damage of nociceptors and capillaries
    • Editorial as Editor-in Chief; Advances in Pediatric Research, Special Issue „Insights in Pediatric Research and Vaccine Pain Management in Children“, accepted 5/2019
    • Bittmann S
    • The origin of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome: Charles Dodgson and his attraction to small children
    • Editorial, Advances in Pediatric Research 5:24, 2019


Stefan Bittmann, M.D., M.A.
Hindenburgring 4
48599 Gronau, Germany