Abuse in children: indicator of failure in relationship?

Violence against children have been found many centuries ago and was found in different cultures.

Children have been depressed by war, bad life conditions and alimentation. In old testament many cases of punishment by the father as education were found and accepted.
To date, many children must work under hard living and working conditions in agriculture and craft business. Till the period of enlightenment, children and newborn were divided early from their parents.
The french doctor Tardieu published the first manuscript about abuse in children and the consequences of this, an interesting work that was not spent much public attention.

The first trial at dish was present 1890 in New York.
The situation of the violent abuse of a young girl was analyzed according the animal protection law. Sigmund Freud analyzed in the early stage of psychoanalytics, that different neurotic behavioral disturbances in adults could be related as a consequence of childhood abuse.


Stefan Bittmann, M.D., M.A.
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